Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Danyl Johnson's Hot X-Factor Audition!

Danyl Johnson’s Hot X-Factor Audition!

Danyl Johnson, a teacher from Reading, UK, gave what Simon Cowell called, “singlehandedly, the best first audition I have heard” on Britain’s X-Factor talent show over the past weekend.  Amidst the  subsequent commotion from the press, Johnson talked to The Mirror (UK), telling reporters that he’s bisexual.

The Mirror reported: “The 27-year-old dance and drama teacher gave the two girl judges a cheeky wink during his mind-blowing performance in last night’s live show.  But he said he’s a ‘free spirit’ who dates women AND men, admitting that he thinks all the judges are good-looking…even Louis Walsh.”  He said: “I don’t like to conform or be put into one box or another and if I’m honest all the judges are good-looking.  If I like someone’s personality it doesn’t really matter what they look like or what sex they are.’”

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Danyl Johnson’s Hot X-Factor Audition!

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