Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh. Mi. Bod!

Now we’re not usually ones to plug things like this, but I must say…

Imagine the sexiest scenario you can…candles lit, lights low, silk sheets…then you turn on your ipod.

…And it’s connected to your vibrator?

LOL yes I said it. Your vibrator.

OhMiBod allows you to “plug ‘n’ play”; the vibrator attaches to your ipod and vibrates to the rhythym and intensity of the music your’e listening to.

OhMiBod has so many different options, shapes, sizes…even vibrators you can take to the club! Yes, the club. Some of the toys can be picked up at Babeland (oh behave!), so I suggest you run and get one. Merry Christmas? Happy Hannukah? Maybe Happy Labor Day? haha the choice is yours…

…that’s what i called shakin’ to a vibe. (ha, I’m totally lame).


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