Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finding passion through food...

Thanks to my single status, crazy work schedule, and crippling mortgage payment (not complaining, really: I love the independence, but I hate having no fun money), my Saturday nights are usually spent at Dad’s house, doing laundry and watching movies with him and my step-mom.  They’re always renting movies, and this past weekend they rented Julie and Julia, among others.

(Quick side rant here: the new Star Trek movie was among those rented, and I must say it’s disgusting that a sci-fi movie of all things had me crying in the first ten minutes — if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.  However, the gag reel was quite enjoyable and had me rolling with laughter, so that made up for it.  Zachary Quinto forgetting a line, and breaking character from the logical, serious Spock to gasping, “Oh my god!” in a valley-esque voice was so funny; not to mention Quinto and Chris Pine doing mock Irish accents.  Fantastic stuff.  Alright, rant over.  Moving along…)

Julie and Julia is based on two true stories: that of Julia Child and her husband Paul, as well as blogger Julie Powell and her husband Eric.  Each of the couples finds passion for life and for their respective partners through the delicious medium of food.

First of all — my god! — the food in this movie looks sinfully delicious.  The moment the dish of tomato bruschetta popped on-screen, my mouth began to water.  The bouef bourguignon looked delightful, and that enticing chocolate cake!  *Drool*  I’m dying to find and try some of these recipes.  This movie makes me really want to learn how to cook well, not just the basic pretend cooking that I do for myself.

This movie recalled a sensation that I had not felt in a few years: a fundamental animal desire when fantastic food is teasing the senses.  It’s incredible how sexy this movie is, simply because of the food.  The two couples, when eating together, are sharing what is basically a physical, passionate experience.  Seeing this, I remember when my ex used to come over and cook for me, and good lord was he a fantastic cook!  He used to make this exquisite tortellini with a white wine reduction cream sauce, as well as a cheese-stuffed chicken topped with capers.  I’m melting just thinking about it (that, and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken he made for my family just because he knew my father would enjoy it — incredible!).  Even the first moments, when the diced onions were sauteeing in butter, would have me on weak knees.  That scent traveled throughout the house and nearly killed me.  Tasting it, though, with him putting a spoon to my lips, filled me with a desire that wasn’t simply for the food.  Call me crazy but seriously, try it sometime: share some particularly flavorful food with someone you love and see if you don’t wind up in the bedroom shortly after.


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