Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Bad for the Heart is Good for the Economy

It’s a well known fact that when women are upset, we shop.  Purses would never reject you, cute tops do nothing but make you feel better about yourself, and even fat days don’t matter when you’re shopping for shoes. Granted, I am a borderline shopaholic, but I would also argue that what’s good for the heart is good for the economy.  There’s so much incentive to look fabulous not only on dates, but in your general lounging and everyday clothes.  Who knows who you’ll run into over the course of a day, or who your roommate might be bringing home to study with?  Everyone who sees you should be green with jealousy that you are his, and trust me, it’s a small world, the word will get back to him.  Possibly the greatest need for closet updating when you begin a relationship, and assuredly one of the most fun, is lingerie.  Even if no one can see it, wearing a new lacy bra makes you feel sexy even under a sweatshirt.  And the best part about new lingerie?  You buy it for you, but it is definitely also a present for him.

This all brings me to what I was doing last evening on my way home from work.  Today is Boyfriend’s birthday, and like a very bad girlfriend, all of the fuss over Christmas and new years made me forget to buy him anything.  What’s a girl to do with a thinning wallet and the clock ticking away?  Default: lingerie.  It’s economical because I need it too, it’s relatively one stop shopping, it’s fast, and it’s….not cheap. shit.  Agent Provocateur goodbye.

Dejectedly, I walked down Newbury pondering my new found gift dilemma until…what’s that? h&m sale!  Normally I DESPISE h&m sales. The store is a disaster with clothes thrown everywhere, and even if there is a great find in there, it’s impossible to get to through all the clutter.  But today, today the gods smiled upon me as I looked in the glowing windows to find….NEATLY HUNG CLOTHES!  In I went. And let me tell you. AMAZING.

first of all h&m lingerie…surprisingly AWESOME and ridiculously cheap!

I got a black bustier($18) and matching garter belt($5)  (both in black even though the picture is pink)

Also a pinstripe and lace bra with matching garter belt…each $5

…oh and then a perfectly cut black blazer and a floral chiffon top…both also for $5!!

Making out like a bandit at h&m I figured I could afford some thigh highs to match my new outfit and headed next door to Victoria’s Secret…also having a sale!!!  Soooo glad I have an odd bra size because I also found

$32 for both pieces!!

you can see the rest of the Victoria’s Secret sale and shop online at

Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away beyond just a birthday outfit for Boyfriend, but he is a very lucky boy who is going to love it.

Finished off my impromptu shopping trip at guess (–they’re giving an additional 25% of all sale items! I bought a lose fitting black top), and filene’s basement buying

for $40!!!

Moral of the story? Thank you baby jesus for giving us after christmas sales…and get your booty downtown and stimulate the economy!


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