Monday, March 8, 2010

R & R

A top me he lies betwixt my meager thighs. Thrusting fervently, panting wildly,

gripping my buttox willing me to allow him to go deeper, I remain rooted to the mattress. What shall I make today? I could make a pot roast, with sauteed seasoned potatoes, stea…..”AHHHHHH!!! YESSS!!!”, was that convincing enough? maybe I should throw in a few moans.” God I love you!” He likes it when I do that and it seems to make it more authentic. I wonder if we have any asparagus left?

He makes it so difficult to plan dinner. All the gyrating is making me terribly nauseous. I should stop him, but it’d be quite inconsiderate on my part since he is half way through. I guess I could allow him to finish or fake a mind-blowing orgasm. Tell him I’m tired, and disappear into the the bathroom and take a warm bath, to soak his stench from my body. I’m now on my stomach it must mean he’s getting frustrated, his grunts sound more labored now as if he has to concentrate just to make them. I hate it when he breathes into my ear, it reminds me a steam train crossing old abandoned tracks, I keep waiting for him to shout , “All Aboard!”.

I think he’s almost done, he’s sentimental about things like climaxing simultaneously. He thinks it means we’re “connected”. So I play along. “Yes! Yes! Yes!, hardeAHHHHHH! Don’t…..stop!” Dammit this where I failed now I’ve inspired another mind numbing round.

He’s moving with increased enthusiasm, and I bite my lip anticipating the end, he finds this sexy. He leans in to kiss me, but I let out a loud scream to deter him, from the look on his face I can tell this pleases him. He’s slowed down now gives me enough time to think. We should have wine with dinner tonight, Robert would enjoy some wine. Though he’s the wine connoisseur, not I, I’m sure I can choose something suitable.

Robert is my husband, he’s 28 years old and medium built. He works in a law firm that specializes in family law. He does mostly pro bona work, heart of gold on that one. He works long hours but makes sure I get his full attention when he’s around. He’s the guy that brings the life to party, everyone’s best friend. He loves me I know, he shows me everyday. My only regret is, that the man on top of me is not my Robert, but Richard. Filthy, smelly, unsavoury, Richard.

One may ask why a woman with a husband like mine would have a Richard ploughing her lady garden and not a Robert. To a sensible woman this would appear illogical, but I am not a sensible woman.



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