Monday, September 28, 2009

Mega-Post Hard Drive Dump

Connoisseur of the Feminine Physique site is coming to a close. We have set in motion for the site to continue, however at least for a couple more months. At least two posts per week will be published until at least February. We appreciate all the visitors and the comments and if time was not an issue we would gladly keep the site going.

You know we love females and want to share them with the world, so to keep Google indexing the site and making it available through search engines, we have already created automatic posts. Stop back on weekends to see more women in all their glory. Enjoy what is left from our combined hard drives in this last Mega-Post. Goodbye.

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See photos in my album that I never posted here in my Facebook Album entitled Women From Connoisseur of the Feminine Physique.

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Bikini Candids

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