Sunday, September 20, 2009

untitled orange

The scent of a freshly peeled orange on his fingertips, he stood behind her and held her tightly. His gesture said, “Hello! Good morning!”  But his roaming hands said, “Thank you for last night! I would like some more now, please!”

She gasped as his embrace took her breath away. She melted in his arms as his wet tongue kisses covered the back of her neck. He held her up while he fondled her. It was a feat of strength and skill she didn’t understand but was very thankful for. She sank into his arms and they both slowly slid to the kitchen floor. His kisses and caresses never stopped. She gasped and moaned as he took his time waking her up. He also awakened a passion she could not contain.

He reached up on the counter and grabbed the peeled orange and broke it into sections. He pulled her hair aside and squeezed a segment over the back of her neck. As the juice ran down he tore her tee shirt suddenly and licked the trail of juice from the bottem to the top.

He kept doing that over and over again until the orange was all gone. When he was done he rose to his feet slowly and dramatically and looked down into her heart and stared her in the eyes and asked her if she was happy with him. She couldn’t speak. She could only nod yes.

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