Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So here at BoundNSexy we held a poll to vote for all top films, and the debate was out. of course we love all of our films but this was the breakdown:


1) 9 MUSES – High Production, Women that you will never see bound gagged ever again only in this film and the story and high production and sexiness.

2) COPYCAT – To this date, what we filmed on that eerie October night almost a year ago was magical, Copycat is not only thrilling but sexy as hell and there is a story about the actors Yana and Nick in the film off screen but we won’t divulge into that, but Copycat had it all.

3) THE PRIZE – 3 Damsels, cool story and the Bondage in this film was top notch, loved every bit of it and very very sexy and cool.

Other Partner:

1) 9 Muses – once again for the reasons stated above

2) Basement Bondage – he is a fan of Laura and the hard bondage in this one – catered to the fans who like the hard stuff and rough.

3) A TIE between PI 3:14 and The Prize – we’ll give it to him because The Prize and Pi are both Detective stories and if your into Girl on Girl Bondage and action these are you bets.

So let’s hear your votes from everyone – Choose your top 3 and the reasons why.


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